Toning Exercises Without Weights

The basic idea behind doing toning exercises is to make the muscles stronger and develop endurance in them. The muscles need to be worked out repetitively in order to develop the stamina. The body toning exercises are performed in order to develop a physique with a perfectly carved out shape. The emphasis is laid on improving muscle tone and it can be done with or without the use of weights.

The descriptions of different toning exercises which can be performed is given below.

Arm and Chest Building Exercises
Pull-ups are the best arm toning exercise that work up the chest muscles. In order to perform a pull-up, the hands should be placed on a horizontal bar at a distance of the shoulder-width. The body should be raised above, till the chin reaches the bar level and then lowered immediately. The above cycle could be repeated as many times as possible. However, care needs to be taken to see that the muscles are not overworked. The pull-ups performed in one go or without stopping leads to the completion of one set. Two or three sets of pull-ups with a gap of a minute should be completed in a single session. In a single week 2-3 such pull-up sessions would help in toning the muscles properly. Pull-ups is one of the many different upper body exercises and it offers numerous benefits. It helps in toning the chest and arm muscles along with the shoulders and sides of the back. It also strengthens the fingers, wrists, abs and the lower back.

It is necessary to take proper care while performing the pull-ups. The movements need to be smooth while raising and lowering the body. Breathing should be deep and smooth in order to provide enough oxygen to the muscles that are exercised.

Abdominal Exercises
The abdominal and lower back muscles are worked out with these back exercises.

Planks: The planks are performed by putting the body weight on the forearms and toes. In this exercise, one has to maintain the body (from toes till the arms) in a straight line; one should stay in this position for as long as possible.

Crunches: The crunches prove to be of great help in toning the abs. The exercise is performed by lying on the back and placing hands behind the head. The feet should be kept flat and knees maintained in a bent position. The exercise should be performed by slowly crunching upwards while flattening the lower back towards the ground. It is necessary to lower the body slowly.

Lower Body Exercises
The lunges and squats are the lower body exercises which are commonly performed without weights. The muscles of the lower body include the quadriceps, gluteus maximus, calves and hamstrings. Many muscle groups are worked upon with the help of lower body exercises.

Lunges: The lunges are one of the important leg exercises that are easy to perform. In this exercise, either of the legs should be put forward while the knee of the other/back leg lowered to the ground. The front knee should be bent at an angle of 90°. It helps in toning the muscles. The same exercise can be performed by switching the legs.

Squats: The squats are performed by placing the feet at shoulder width and arms in front. The hips should be lowered to the ground while maintaining the thighs parallel to the ground. The body should be lifted and the hips lowered on the other side of the body.

The toning exercises described in this write-up are easy to perform and they help in developing a well sculpted and strong body without the use of weights..

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